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Move With me

Challenge your movement and learn new skills


These workshops will provide you with the skills, drills, tools and techniques to develop better movement, mobility and strength.

We implement methods from many different disciplines including but not limited to hand balancing, flexibility, acrobatics, martial arts, gymnastics strength and dance.

It will challenge you both physically and mentally but you will have so much fun doing it and you will walk away with a new sense of physical freedom and ability.

All levels are welcome.
The only thing you need is a body and an open mind to learn.

Be prepared to have your body challenged and your mind tested.

In person workshop

Handstand & Mobility Workshop

4 weeks to nail a handstand and improve your mobility, flexibility and bodyweight strength.

Each class will focus on individual progressions for developing handstand strength, balance and body alignment. We will also incorporate elements of mobility and flexibility required not only for handstands but also for proper function of the hips, shoulders, spine, legs and wrists. 

Bring a yoga mat or towel, water, resistance band if you have one and a positive mindset.

Would you like to host Vanja Moves workshop at your facility ?

Online workshop

Our next workshop...

This is available to those who would like to organise a remote workshop anywhere in the world. Whether you are a small group of friends looking to train together on a regular basis or a larger facility that needs guidance on how to develop mobility, flexibility,  hand balancing, strength or any other skills.

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Mobility video

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This video takes you through a strength and mobility routine.


Training with Vanja changed my life. She has helped me overcome a big limitation I had in my left knee after an ACL reconstruction a few years ago. Training with her gave me the chance to improve my body mobility and opened up so many possibilities that I never had before when I used to do acrobatics. Her knowledge and passion gave me confidence; and what I love the most is that I never felt I couldn’t do it, because she believed in me… so I did as well. Now I feel I’m limitless!


I started training with Vanja 3 months ago and I absolutely love it. What I love most is that it is a different kind of training from all the ones I tried before. There is such a big focus on improving not only your strength, but also your mobility and function. I never knew that you could challenge your body in so many ways. I have seen so much results in only 3 months 


Every time I train with Vanja, it’s like a breath of fresh air to my training. She really knows her stuff and will challenge you, pushing you to your limits. The exercises are always innovative, as they train you to work on muscles you never knew existed and body positions you would never think of. For anyone looking for a challenge and a different type of training, I highly recommend Vanja Moves


I have had back and hip pain for the past 5 years due to a sports injury. I have been to multiple physios, but nothing has helped as much as working with Vanja. I have strengthened my core and improved my range of motion, especially in my hips. The training is always fun and challenging and despite having played sports my whole life, I have never done such movement based focused workouts. It has been a huge benefit to my normal training program


After training at a regular gym for 2 decades I was pretty stale with my training and not really improving.  The sessions with Vanja are really enjoyable and under their guidance I’ve noticed significant improvements in my flexibility, strength and body fat %.

 There is a really positive vibe in the sessions and I couldn’t recommend it higher for anyone who wants to invigorate themselves and their training.


After hearing about my problem of imbalanced hips and tightness in lower back due to poor working from home set up, Vanja said “say no more”. With 3 simple stretching that she gave me, I was able to feel relief the same day, and I’ve been doing them 5 minutes every day since. I’m feeling great now.



It depends on how many people are attending. Get in touch with all the information and we’ll make it work.

It depends on space availability. If there is enough space then we can have unlimited numbers. Get in touch with the desired number of participants and the space you were thinking of and we’ll make it work.

We will discuss what equipment you have access to in our email consultation.

For the online workshop, we limit the number of people to 10. This is to make sure I can see everyone and offer the best experience to all participants.

Of course, if the weather allows it, we can definitely move outdoors and enjoy some fresh air together.

Whether you want to organise a workshop once a week or once a month for your employees or at your gym, we can synchronize our agendas to make it work on a recurring basis.