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ARE YOU READY to change  your life?

This is an elite coaching system for people who are ready to transform their body, mind and life.

Do not wait any longer to discover what you can do with your body

This coaching is 100% customised for YOU. We discuss your current health, lifestyle, your goals, limitations and time commitments. We then work together to set up a plan for you to integrate into your life and discover your untapped potential.

Does it sound like you?

This is why you are here. I will make sure that you are set up with the best of the best when it comes to foundations, education and progression. This is the beginning of the rest of your life 

This is because you have no plan, no process and no accountability to ensure that you stay consistent and disciplined. This may not be the first program you have ever tried, but it is my mission to make it your last

I know what that feels like, I have been there. You train ,you go to the gym, you try yoga and stretching. Something is always missing in the way you feel, the way you move and your level of motivation. I will show you how movement can fix all this. It is a big world waiting for you to explore 

That’s because you have not been exposed to movement in various forms and challenged your physical ability. We are guilty of being stuck in linear patterns and following the latest fitness trends. I will help you see through all this and by releasing your psychological barriers, you will also release your physical limitations 

My methods will ensure that you build the strength required to support your flexibility. This is the key if you want to avoid injuries, develop high level skills and become resilient 

I will make sure that the work we do together will not only heal your current injuries but also prevent injuries for the rest of your life. No more limitations, no more aches and no more pains. I want you performing at your highest level NOW and for the rest of your life.


why train with me?

more than a trainer

Lifelong athlete, teacher and practitioner of movement and physicality, I am more than a trainer.
I live and breathe this way of life and I embody my philosophy on a daily basis.

unique training system

I have built a unique training system that will challenge everything you think you know about movement, flexibility, strength and developing physical skills.
I acquired most of my physical skills as an adult, and I have a process that will educate you, excite you and help you achieve freedom in your body you never knew existed.

from the inside out

My systems are unique and successful because I work from the inside out, I focus on health, mindset, longevity and performance first and foremost. The skills, the tricks, the aesthetics and the bad ass moves come as a result of learning and following this process.

quick, safe & efficient

Most importantly I will show you how to achieve all this in the quickest, safest and most efficient way possible.



To ensure that you get the most value from your coaching, please answer the following questions and I will be in touch to arrange a call.

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This can be anything related to your physical practice, skill development, mindset or self confidence. Be open and honest

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Are you really ready to feel better, move better and live better?

You must have skin in the game

It takes change to build new habits and habits will lead to discipline.

I can only help you if you are 100% committed to the process.

You must be willing to change your habits. 

You must be willing to do the work, learn and develop autonomy to implement these systems for the long term.

I will educate you, motivate you and set you back on track when you slip up.I will guide you and mentor you every step of the way.

I will educate you, motivate you and set you back on track when you slip up. I want to give you the tools, techniques and process so that you develop a practice for life.

This is not a quick fix, this is a wholesome practice focused on improving your body, mind and life.


Vanja is more than a trainer. She is a coach, athlete, and a walking example of what being a master of your craft entails. After some procrastinating I asked Vanja to train me in an effort to get lean, and increase muscle mass. From the very first training session, I knew that this would not be a walk in the park. This was not a social engagement to chat about my week, or any general chit chat. The mission was clear, and the agenda was rock solid. Vanja had developed a program that catered to my goals, and to my experience.  Throughout the 12 weeks, Vanja could see what my limits were, and adjusted the program accordingly. Training five times a week, with three sessions with Vanja was the optimal cadence to achieve my goals of losing eight kilograms. It must be stated  that for anyone considering being coached by Vanja she expects dedication and commitment. There are very few coaches that can alter people's mindset as Vanja does, and this is what makes her coaching so powerful. With thousands of hours of training under her belt Vanja is an evangelist of her craft, and it only takes a few minutes to review her photos and videos to realise that she is a world class athlete and coach.


After training at a regular gym for 2 decades, I was pretty stale with my training and not really improving. The sessions with Vanja are really enjoyable and under her guidance, I've noticed significant improvements in my flexibility, strength and body fat%.


I started training with Vanja 3 months ago and I absolutely love it. What I love most is that it is a different kind of training from all the ones I tried before. There is such a big focus on improving not only your strength, but also your mobility and function. I never knew that you could challenge your body in so many ways. I have seen so much results in only 3 months


Every time I train with Vanja, it’s like a breath of fresh air to my training. She really knows her stuff and will challenge you, pushing you to your limits.  The exercises are always innovative, as they train you to work on muscles you never knew existed and body positions you would never think of. For anyone looking for a challenge and a different type of training, I highly recommend Vanja Moves


Training with Vanja changed my life. She has helped me overcome a big limitation I had in my left knee after an ACL reconstruction a few years ago. Training with her gave me the chance to improve my body mobility and opened up so many possibilities that I never had before when I used to do acrobatics. Her knowledge and passion gave me confidence; and what I love the most is that I never felt I couldn't do it, because she believed in me… so I did as well. Now I feel I’m limitless!


After hearing about my problem of imbalanced hips and tightness in lower back due to poor working from home set up, Vanja said "say no more". With 3 simple stretching that she gave me, I was able to feel relief the same day, and I've been doing them 5 minutes every day since. I'm feeling great now.


I met Vanja a few years ago, as I arrived in Sydney, while looking to continue my movement practice (I used to train with the Ido portal team in Israel). Being a self defence practitioner, a boxer, a fighter and a lover of calisthenics and everything movement related I both understand the importance of having intelligent movement practices to keep the body mobile, agile and healthy and at the same time need intelligent movement to help heal and recover from the many injuries and misalignments I carry. Through the years of moving and training with Vanja I found a person who is a fountain of knowledge, always knowing where to direct the practice in the most efficient way, but also someone who inspires you through action and embodying what they preach. I feel that training with Vanja kept me in a fighting shape, helped me get rid of the many aches and pains I carry, and supported in prolonging my career as a Krav Maga instructor. Outside of the practice and training I find Vanja to be a great person and friend, and I enjoy our time together - whether in practice or outside of it. For anyone that wants to feel better, look better and connect to their own humanity better, I highly recommend training with Vanja!


I have had back and hip pain for the past 5 years due to a sports injury. I have been to multiple physios, but nothing has helped as much as working with Vanja. I have strengthened my core and improved my range of motion, especially in my hips. The training is always fun and challenging and despite having played sports my whole life, I have never done such movement based focused workouts. It has been a huge benefit to my normal training program